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    Jomi Wagner

    Workaway and HelpX are platforms for people who look for help in their household, hostel or organic farm – and people who would like to offer that help in exchange for food and accomodation. Although they are not totally free of charge, I want to recommend them. They are a great way not only to live abroad for free, but also to have a much deeper and more real experience of the country you go to than by staying in a hostel/hotel.

    Feel free to share your experience with and/or your opinion about this with us!

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    I just remembered how I came to this site, a tourist named Katz, came up and had coffee with us. Anyway, people should know that the room or bed is free in Nepal, but the volunteer would be expected to pay a daily food charge of at least $7.

    We are happy to take volunteers, but our agency charges this food charge, as well.

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    Jomi Wagner

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