In addition to the Nomadic Life social network itself and our knowledge base, the Nomadic Life platform provides some of those online services that are necessary for modern Nomads. Currently, these services incorporate the following:

Our multi-purpose online conference room (based on Jitsi Meet), including

  • multi-platform, encrypted and free-to-use video conference rooms
  • individual conference rooms (own subdomain and password protection possible)
  • theoretically unlimited number of possible conference participants
  • integrated Etherpad Lite pads for co-editing texts (e.g. minutes)
  • chat functionality e.g. for sending links and other text bits
  • signalling functionality (raise your hand if you want to speak)
  • sharing of youtube videos inside the video conference
  • desktop sharing functionality (to be implemented soon)

Our datacloud service for multi-device data sync (based on ownCloud), including

  • potentially unlimited amount of storage space (ask the admin)
  • external storage integration (e.g. FTP, Dropbox, GoogleDrive)
  • contact and calendar sync (e.g. with phone, see DAVdroid, get it here)
  • desktop app for sync of folder on your computer is available (get it here)
  • mobile apps for ownCloud phone integration is available (get it here or here)
  • live co-editing of documents and spreadsheets (based on LibreOffice)
  • storage and sync of tasks and notes (e.g. for todo-lists, see here or here)
  • create a gallery view of your stored images

Our email accounts with webmail (Roundcube), IMAP or POP3 access

  • choose our own account name, (e.g.
  • theoretically indefinite storage (contact admin if necessary)
  • check your mail by webmail or contact admin for IMAP/POP3

If you need help or more information about any of our services, please contact the admin team.

More services might follow eventually, we are currently working on

  • standalone Etherpad accounts with more functionality (e.g. passwords, pad recovery)
  • improvements for Owncloud, e.g. collaboration and project management functionality
  • a Jabber server for further encrypted mobile and desktop communication
  • a VPN server for better accessibility and more security around the globe
  • a Nomadic Life Diaspora hub for next generation social networking
  • … possibly a friendica installation at some point in the future.