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396658_438518922836869_1162516078_nAre you afraid to spend your life as a working ant, every day postponing the fulfilment of your dreams?
Are you tired of domestic life day by day, being more and more profoundly enslaved by politics and economy?

Have you been hoping for an opportunity to get out of this and into the world, making new friends, having new experiences and enjoying your life to the fullest?
Have you been waiting for some more human beings like you, who also feel like that, who could show you the way and whom you could cooperate and share ideas with?

If thats in any way the case, don’t hesitate to check out the NomadicLife community: Make a living – while travelling around the world! This postmodern community aims to support you in living your dreams, right now and without boundaries. Get involved today!

NomadicLife: Basic features set up, call for contributions

The basic features to kickstart the NomadicLife community are technically set up: We got ourselves a forum, a wiki and a still experimental webcalendar. Moreover, we are able to offer email addresses for the first 100 community members.

As of now, everyone interested is invited to join us and take part in the making of the community. We will create rules for our co-operation as we go, however, at present everything is freely available still. If you want to participate, please just contact us – and feel free to contribute in the forum and wiki!