The Nomads

The modern nomads Isabel und Jomi Wagner started the NomadicLife network. While a domestic life inside the current economic and political systems of their country rendered them unhappy, travelling around never failed to make them smile and enjoy life. Thus, they decided to leave their home in exchange for a nomadic life, in order see the world and to experience it’s wonders. The NomadicLife website and network were set up in order to help other people to do the same – to make a living while travelling the world.

In our philosophy, the term “to make a living” does not only relate to the money being earned in order to live, but also to the special moments and wondrous experiences that make live happy and worth living. From our point of view, they are as vital to the soul as food and water are to the body, and basically make up one’s life. Philosophical and psychological concepts like Dewey’s “experience”, Csikszentmihalyi’s “flow” or already the ancient Greek “kairos” and the ancient Chinese “dao” all point to this very same phenomenon.

This little blog is dedicated to tell other nomads and the world about some of our special moments, so perhaps we can motivate some people to also question the boundaries of their domestic life. For a nomadic life makes you face the unknown everyday over again, it is much more intense and holds much more moments and experiences than a rather quiet domestic life, and thus more of life itself! We make a promise: Everyone can go travel, see the world, experience it’s wonders – and make “a living” as nomads.