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Human beings learn from mutual exchange of experiences. That is why we are happy about every new member who brings in new ideas and a new vibe. The experiences we want to share are not confined to the nomadic lifestyle, but concern all kinds of projects that may help to get out of the common hamster wheel, to leave the rat race, stop being a working ant. In other words: The NomadicLife community is focused on alternatives to the currently dominant capitalist system of fear and greed, which is moulding human beings into prefit roles, trying to squeeze out as much human capital as possible instead of protecting and helping to live a good and happy life.

Nomadic Life wants to remind that the good life is possible.
We want to remind people of what life is actually about: living. We want to remind people that it is not necessary to work one’s ass off in an office or on a construction site with only a couple of days off a year. Imagine you could fully dedicate your life to those things you usually only do in your spare freetime or keep postponing until eventual retirement. Imagine you could work on your very own project in a country you really like. There is a big world out there that is changing and growing together, and it can only be explored as long as you are young and healthy. Take the opportunity now — the good life is possible!

NomadicLife wants to create tolerance and peace of mind.
Life is manyfold and each individual person lives in their own unique perspective on life. Understanding this is an essential prerequisite to finding peace with others as well as with oneself. To live in different places on this planet can help immensely to comprehend different perspectives on life and find peace of mind. That’s why we encourage people to travel more. As an example: we are living in a time where migrants and refugees need to be welcomed and understood. It is easier to understand people from other cultures when we travel to their places, where we are migrants ourselves.

NomadicLife wants to unify work and life while travelling.
Yes, it is possible to work on the things you love while travelling the world – and make a living doing so! In our community we share experiences and support each other to achieve that individually. Among our members are authors who travel while writing books, computer scientists who build sustainable houses, teachers who live under palm trees while online assisting students with their graduation, as well as artists who travel the world with musical instruments and a bunch of creative ideas.

So, no matter whether you are currently buried deep in the matrix, looking for a way out, or if you are already living a nomadic life, looking for fellow nomads to share experience with: become a member of our community and we will work together towards a better life!

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396658_438518922836869_1162516078_nAre you afraid to spend your life as a working ant, every day postponing the fulfilment of your dreams?
Are you tired of domestic life day by day, being more and more profoundly enslaved by politics and economy?

Have you been hoping for an opportunity to get out of this and into the world, making new friends, having new experiences and enjoying your life to the fullest?
Have you been waiting for some more human beings like you, who also feel like that, who could show you the way and whom you could cooperate and share ideas with?

If thats in any way the case, don’t hesitate to check out the NomadicLife community: Make a living – while travelling around the world! This postmodern community aims to support you in living your dreams, right now and without boundaries. Get involved today!